Spatula Time

By Anna parker – Rees

The banks have gone, but not to worry; there’s a van in the car park from time to time where you can do business.

With the surgery going to Redlands Grange, perhaps we can have a van where you put your tongue out, or spit into a plastic cup and after some whirring and crunching, the diagnosis pops out.

‘Can’t-cope-itis’ or ‘Paralysis Noelensis’?

That should pacify the old folks at home……..

Petition and protesters – a voice

90 years young Jo Collins, a lovely, caring lady, according to her friends, started a petition in the hope that the Emsworth Doctors and services could move to the Cottage Hospital grounds still. The group says, “We are quite a few people in Emsworth who would be sad to see the surgery move to Redlands Grange. If there were no other solution we would go with the flow and agree that it was inevitable.

However, the EVCH site does seem to be the obvious solution to many of us. It seems an injustice that the NHS can sell the site to a developer when it was built by the people of Emsworth for their health care.

We have created a petition to oppose the move of the surgery to Redlands Grange. We could then come to a better understanding of how many people are either in favour or oppose the move. Many of us didn’t receive surveys in the summer and we feel there are many unanswered questions.

We totally understand that the surgery will move at some point but it would be good to feel that the citizens of Emsworth have a chance to protest if they wish to. We do not wish to be difficult – just to challenge a questionable and possibly hasty decision.”

Caroline Richards

The cottage hospital – a community asset?

It’s time to start thinking about what will happen to the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site when the proposed move of the Emsworth Surgery goes ahead. The property would be put on the market by its current owners, NHS Property services; they would seek to maximise the gain for the NHS.

The most profitable proposal for a developer would be private housing.

There are strong feelings that the site also belongs to the Town though, as a community asset and that any development should contribute to the community; particularly it’s health and community services.

This view is also held by the ERA and the Friends of Emsworth Community Health and is supported in both the Forum’s draft Neighbourhood plan and in Havant Borough Council’s draft Local Plan. The HBC plan has designated the site for a ‘mixed use development for 14 dwellings and community uses’.

Both the plans are up for consultation, to which we can all contribute, but they also a starting point for our own discussions in the town.

One idea is that there is a need for “Extra Care” housing for older people in which individuals and couples retain their front door but can obtain the help they need to retain their independence. They would also be able to use the facilities on the ground floor, hopefully have access to the Friend’s garden, and be in the centre of the town.

There are many suggestions for the facilities on the ground floor; A nursery, a wellness centre, clinics, a gym or a day centre.

Some of these could be part of the housing scheme.

There are many other ideas, some maybe better than these, but the Town needs to look forward and start discussing them now.

Theo Schofield

The Doctors – working hard

The project to find larger premises is ongoing. The next steps are with NHS England who will decide if the project is affordable. The practice is in continuous communication with NHS England and the Clinical Commissioning Group progressing the matter. They hope to have clarification early in the New Year.

The surgery sends many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey regarding the proposed new surgery. They received well over 1000 responses with many more emailing and writing with comments and helpful suggestions. The surveys and all responses have been sent to Healthwatch. They independently analyse them and the results go out to all PPG members and patients with email addresses as well as being publicly available at both Emsworth and Westbourne surgeries and on the surgery’s website.

They hope to get the results back by early New Year

Winter Quack 2017