The Emsworth in Bloom project is flourishing. Sheila Morris and her team of volunteers – there’s over 60 of them now – have secured space and put up 2 more tiered planters in the town centre and installed a rustic oak tub at the top of Bridge Street.

They’re filled with blooms now.

All summer planting has been completed and the fruits of the team’s efforts is raising quite a smile with residents and visitors.

“A family came to chat, saying how much they loved the town and even helped with the planting. They gave me £10 – they were on holiday from Brisbane, Australia and an elderly couple from Havant gave £5, saying how much they loved it all.’ ‘That’s what it’s all about”, says Sheila.

Having raised over £2000 in donations towards the project. The team is thrilled as it means more blooms and more flower displays around Emsworth.

As well as the donations, many groups and businesses have given generously to the community project. It’s a very popular scheme. The ERA through residents, Ems Valley U3A, local Businesses – including Emsworth Home Hardware, who donated the Oak planter and Friends of the Millpond. HBC has been very supportive. They donated one of the tiered planters and have provided man power too.

Sheila says, “such generosity.’ ‘Thank you all.”

Museum loses its much respected president

Emsworth’s Museum President for the past 21 years, Dr Margaret Rule CBE has died. Margaret received national and international acclaim for her involvement in the discovery and uncovering of the Roman Palace at Fishbourne.

She was the pioneering force behind the underwater archaeological work on the Mary Rose too. Despite ill health in recent years, she continued to show an interest in Emsworth Museum events and activities and in July 2013 attended the 25th anniversary of its opening in 1988.