Two days of music at the Coal Exchange pub during the annual CoalieFest has raised £1000’s for St Wilfred’s Hospice.

The CoalieFest is popular; the formula a good one – Real ale, top burgers and great bands – it always draws the crowds.

Monies raised from the sale of Ale and from collecting ‘shrapnel’ coins from visitors goes to St Wilfred’s. The charity has come to rely on the CoalieFest events to help raise funds.

Landlord Peter, landlady Dawn and their friendly team works hard to make the event successful.

“Some of the bands come along and play for a pint and a burger, so big thanks go to them.’ Pete says. ‘It means the money raised on the day goes straight to the charity.”

This year’s May event – they’ll be another one in September – had some great local bands appearing. Each played for well over an hour.