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Emsworth Town and neighbourhood planning.

For a list of planning applications from within the Borough and for Emsworth Town and surrounding area, please visit Havant Borough Council’s web site. It is updated weekly. This is where you can make comments about applications. Your voice will count.


Long Copse Lane proposed development

Public Exhibition to view proposals for 260 houses in Long Copse Lane, (at the top of Hollybank Lane) Emsworth

21st March 2018 at the Emsworth Community Centre, 17:30 till 20:30

The developers are: Land & partners. Contact them on: 01494 728080 or email: support@landandpartners.com

*The ERA has replied to HBC’s Local draft Plan 2036 and asked that this land and the land off Westwood Close should be designated as Greenfield rural sites, remaining undeveloped and unspoilt.

The ERA has always been keen that Emsworth residents should be aware of what planning applications have been made within our neighbourhood. So in addition to the weekly list of planning applications that are displayed on the Community Notice Board outside the Co-op, we are also publishing the website link details to the full list of applications on the Havant Borough Council’s website. Their lists are updated regularly, so just click on the link displayed and search through the applications and appeals.

To view the details of any planning application, simply click on the appropriate APP reference in the top left hand corner, and that will take you straight to the details of that application on the Havant Planning Departments website. There you will be able to see all the planning details, the Case Officer to contact, copies of all concerns and objections, last dates to submit representations as well as correspondence from the relevant council departments.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding any planning application, please contact Charles Ashe at the ERA, 01243 379296, or email ashe.family@btinternet.com

The ERA has responded to the consultation for HBC’s Local Plan. The last date to comment on the latest stage of the plan was 16th February 2018. This is their response:

Emsworth Residents Association response to the Draft Havant Borough Local Plan 2036

  1. Key Sites Southleigh KS5

 Under the comprehensive scheme outlined for KS5 Southleigh site, page 57, the ERA suggests that the Council should also consider the provision of a secondary school, or at least consider where else secondary education can be found for children from this site. Also, the provision of a doctor’s surgery should be considered.

  1. Infrastructure. Improving Transport Infrastructure

The ERA is disturbed by the lack of detail with regard to the Transport Assessment (TA).  At 4.21 it states that it has not been possible to complete the TA nor does it give details of when this will be completed.

At IN2 it lists Improving Transport Infrastructure but again with no details. The ERA suggests that Hampshire County Council, which is the Local Highway Authority, needs to coordinate with Highway England and West Sussex CC to develop a strategic plan for the area.  The continued building of houses along the A259 in West Sussex, an additional set of lights at Selangor Avenue and no clear planned improvement to the infrastructure will mean Emsworth will very quickly become gridlocked.

Overall, the ERA believes that this lack of detail to the Transport Assessment means that the Draft Local Plan is not complete. How does Havant Borough Council expect its residents to comment on an incomplete plan?  The importance of the TA to the Local Plan can hardly be overstated, and we will bring this omission to the attention of the Planning Inspector, unless a complete TA is produced and can be reviewed and commented on by residents in a realistic time.

  1. Infrastructure. Future Management and Management Plans

The ERA has concerns over how well the new policy of the Council in requiring maintenance of ‘common parts’ to fall on individual householders through private management companies, will work in practice.

For instance, the management of surface water, and provision of sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) is very much a concern on all of the ten Emsworth sites identified in the draft local plan.

In particular, the new site at Westwood Close H10, may be subject to a planning application. The Council acknowledge that the site has drainage problems in their draft plan; however, a potential developer at a recent Development Consultation Forum in January, was unable to satisfactorily explain how their proposed SuD scheme would work.

This problem highlights how surface water management and the provision of sustainable drainage systems are frequently contentious matters especially in areas of fluvial flooding.

The successful installation of SuDs is dependent on contractor’s competence, and their performance is dependent on regular monitoring and maintenance. In the case of the proposal at Westwood Close, this would be of added concern as the developer had indicated that the roads on the site would be unadopted; how would regular servicing be guaranteed in such a case?

On proposed sites that have ecological sensitive issues, the ERA has been interested to see the proposals put forward on such a site, H7 Land at Selangor Avenue. The Friends of the Earth have noted the concern that often results from the “significant divergence between the ecological measures proposed and what actually happens on the ground.” The FotE have suggested that an Ecological Clerk appointed to oversee ecological measures should report to an independent officer employed by HBC, and they also suggest the setting up of a local residents’ panel during construction determine phase with representation on the management company post construction.

This would seem to fit the proposals in Future Management and Management Plans proposed by HBC, and depending on when construction starts on this sites, could well provide a first test of how such a policy could work on other sites.

  1. Infrastructure Green Infrastructure

The ERA is pleased to see that under point 4.11 (where justified, development will be required to provide or contribute towards delivering the key infrastructure requirements for the Borough🙂 sub-clause viii –

“Green infrastructure is essential in creating quality of place, underpins community health and wellbeing, and provides habitats for wildlife.”

We have already requested the additional local green spaces to be included in the Plan’s proposed list of Local Green Spaces, in addition to those already listed on p.99, Local Green Spaces.

  1. The eastern edge and north to south of the strategic site, Southleigh
  1. The western corridor of the River Ems- fields between Westbourne and Emsworth.  If the Council determines the application for the site H10 Westwood Close in favour of the applicant they will in effect rule out the residents request to include it in the list of Local Green Spaces.  This request  was presented to the Council in good time under consultation process of the draft local plan.  As this site has not been identified in the Local Plan the application for planning consent ought not to take precedence over the consultation period and subsequent consideration of all requests
  2. Southleigh Road Recreation Ground.
  3. Old hospital garden (adjacent to the Victoria Cottage Hospital site)
  4. The allotment sites off Warblington Road, and off Washington Road, and at Redlands Grange
  5. The field south of the A259 known as The Horses Field
  6. The fields south of the A259 which form part of Warblington Farm

Furthermore, although outside Emsworth, we would request that the following green spaces be included in their respective Local Green Spaces :

  1. Gundymoor Wood (off Purbrook Way)
  2. St Clares Wood (off St Clares Avenue)
  3. Covert Grove (AKA Frendstaple Woods)  off Frendstaple Way
  4. Stakes Coppice (off Holst Way)
  5. Hurst Wood (off Dornmere Lane)
  6. Purbrook Woods (off Purbrook Heath Road)
  7. The Environment. High Quality Design

The ERA has noted in 5.67, p.104, that ‘The Council is supportive of new technologies and construction methods as part of new development.’  This is an advance that the ERA welcomes, and from the comments made in February at the ERA AGM, we know that Emsworth residents consider  that new construction methods could help build economic affordable housing making it more realistically affordable.

  1. Housing. Affordable Housing

The ERA believes that the provision of affordable housing is an absolute necessity in the Borough, and one that can be properly addressed and provided through this Local Plan. The wording of clause 6.31 states that “There is a very strong presumption that affordable housing will be provided by the developer on the development site.” It then goes on to admit that in certain circumstances they will consider accepting a financial contribution in lieu which will go towards a pool to implement affordable housing development. This, they acknowledge, may take a number of years to acquire adequate pooled funds. We would expect HBC to fully implement their policy stated in clauses 6.28 and 6.31 to ensure that the initial number of affordable homes are actually built, and not sacrificed by a commuted sum from the developer which has often been a fraction of the newbuilding cost.

  1. Housing. Land North of Long Copse Lane UE76

This site is a relatively isolated one, and quite unsuitable for a development  of 260 homes. Long Copse Lane is a narrow country lane, and its position will mean that virtually every day to day journey will have to made by car, whether to school, work or shopping. This will place a huge strain on the local infrastructure.

The ERA has noted the suggestion from the Emsworth Forum, that this site and the proposal of Land at Westwood Close H10, should be dropped by the Borough Council, and that the number of homes suggested for both sites be reallocated to the Southleigh site KS5. Such a move would enable the Borough to fulfil its target of homes, and allow two green sites, both eminently unsuitable for development, to remain undeveloped and remain part of the green infrastructure of Emsworth and the Borough. We strongly suggest that the Borough seriously consider this suggestion.

  1. Housing. Land at Westwood Close H10

This is a site with known drainage issues, which the Council readily acknowledges. Again the issue of how the existing infrastructure will cope with the proposed additional traffic will be an important issue. Overall, this is a site that should not be considered, and we refer to our comments relating to Land North of Long Copse Lane UE76 above.

  1. Housing. North Street Gas Site H11

As a new site, the ERA has no immediate comment; we wait to see the details of any proposed development.

  1. Housing. Former Victoria Cottage Hospital H12

As a new site, the ERA welcomes the outline suggestion of a mixed development of 15 dwellings and community uses. We wait to see details of any proposed development.

  1. Housing. Land at Fowley Cottage H13

As a new site, the ERA has no immediate comment; we wait to see the details of any proposed development.