Everyone in Emsworth is applauding the success of Emsworth in Bloom. It is a remarkable success and continues to get better and better.

New plants, new funding (from far and wide), a great team and all glued together by a very enthusiastic (and clever) Sheila Morris.

Sheila is always the first to say though, “I always say it, BUT, there would be no Emsworth in Bloom without the amazing band of helpers who plant up and maintain the planters all year. A BIG THANK YOU to you all.”

After literally years of asking and finding out, Sheila has managed to secure the promise of a licence to have a flower display on the railings from the bridge at the A259 end of the Town’s Millpond. Marvellous!

It has taken almost 2 years to get permission. Sheila says, “Going from department to department, it seems no one really knew who was responsible for the railings.”

But Sheila is ‘so thrilled to have got the go ahead.’

‘We will have 2 lengths 1500mm of black planters. They will be inboard of the Millpond and they come with liners, and planting can take place away from the site. The planters have reservoirs for watering, so exciting times.’

‘They should make a wonderful addition to EIB.”

And finally

Onwards and upwards.

Watering is the major problem especially on hot summer’s days. Every display has a team leader and a group of dedicated helpers who keep the planters watered.

But sometimes they need support during holiday times and if a volunteer list of people who were willing to stand in occasionally to help with watering was created, Sheila says,  “it would be wonderful.’

‘It would most likely only be a couple of times a year we would call on you. Come on it’s your town too and we all know how fortunate we are to live in Emsworth and a little assistance to keep us in Bloom would be gratefully received.”

If you can help, please email Sheila on she.bar@ntlworld.com