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The Ems is your community newspaper and it is self-funding.

Not only that, it regularly contributes towards Emsworth community projects through funds raised from advertisers. Emsworth active business community supports the Ems regularly and thanks to that support, the community benefits. The Ems reports about issues that are important to you and tries to get answers for you. It is written by journalists and reporters, so it really can make a difference in many different areas. It reports, without judgement or editorial comment and in the process has been able to get solutions and results for several problem areas: Cycle lanes, tree protection, health, flooding and has helped to raise awareness for worthwhile projects in Emsworth.

It covers special events, highlights achievement, businesses and happenings too. Emsworth has so many creative and caring people living here, so events are many and always successful. News is plentiful. Many residents contribute to the Ems too, making it varied and interesting. Contacts: Editors: David Harris, Email: mydogisfinn@gmail.com and Theo Schofield OBE: theoschofield@icloud.com

To update, add or amend a community organisation in the Community listings, please contact David Harris: mydogisfinn@gmail.com


Published quarterly at the moment – although that can change. As a community newspaper, it carries your views, not ours. Dates when the Ems is published are: *December 29th (January/February issue) last copy date December 12th *March 29th (April/May issue) last copy date March 4th *June 29th (July/Aug issue) last copy date June 6th *September 29th (October/November issue) last copy date September 6th

You can create a link to your website online as well; Please email the editor for more information. EDITORS: David Harris and Theo Schofield OBE email: theoschofield@icloud.com or mydogisfinn@gmail.com

The Ems advertising rates can be viewed here. Advertisement order form can be downloaded here.

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