During the days that followed the closure of the last bank in Emsworth on June 7th, residents, businesses and visitors were not happy. By early Saturday evening on 9th June, both the Co-op and Tesco Express machines had run out of cash. No cash was available on Sunday either; a really unacceptable situation.

Residents and visitors were dismayed and really concerned. They wondered where they could get cash from, now and in the future. Businesses were quick to feel the closure, finding it hard to get change for their shops.

The queues in the Co-op were longer than usual and people questioned how this could happen in a thriving, award winning town like Emsworth; saying it would be good if another bank or building society could move into the Town.

Failing that, it is a timely reminder to use the Nat West mobile unit, named ‘Alfie’, coming into the Town on a Tuesday and a Friday, between 1.30pm & 3.30pm.

If it doesn’t get used, then Nat West will take the facility away pretty quickly. They have done that in other towns in the area. So use it or lose it is the message.

It is early days after the closure, so hopefully things will improve but in the meantime, there is a real feeling of loss in the Town.

Local organisations and groups, along with Havant and Emsworth MP, Alan Mak, had all fought to persuade Nat West to stay, but in the end nothing could prevent the bank from closing.

More than ever, the businesses in Emsworth need your support and there are some exceptional shops, cafes and Inns to visit in the Town and they all need and welcome your custom.

Nat West mobile banking unit information

Tuesdays & Fridays in the car park beside ‘Spice Village’ in the High Street (number 47) opposite the ‘Gift Box’ shop.
From 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Facilities: deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and ‘Alfie’ has an on-board customer phone for contacting central areas to enquire about products and services.

  • Cashing cheques
  • Making account deposits
  • Paying bills
  • General account and product enquiries

Cash machines in Emsworth

  • The Co-op in the High Street
  • Tesco Express in North Street
  • Jet Garage on A259
  • Nat West mobile unit- Alfie on a Tuesday & Friday
  • Cash back is available in some shops, including Emsworth Home Hardware in the centre.